How Byronic...

Jul 22

Back in the states! But, I have no wifi, so tumbling will still be very limited. One quick update: first sermon heard back in Alabama: 2 stabs at homosexuals, 3 indigenous people jokes, 2 references to Democrats and / or Obama, and 4 comments on people sleeping together that make Baptists uncomfortable.

Cynical Southerner: La Goutte d'Or OR To Carry a Camel Through Paris

Jul 18

Cynical Southerner: I went to LONDON

Jul 10

Cynical Southerner: While Procrastinating on my Homework: Thoughts about being Lazy in Exotic Places

Jul 09

Why, why did i not have my camera today when i passed by “Obama Fashion Hair” in la Goutte d’Or…

Jul 05

Cynical Southerner: The Badest (and possibly coolest) Thing I have Ever Done

Jul 04

Bring Out the Big Guns -


by Elizabeth
On one of my very first nights here in Paris, I took a walk up the Champs-Elysees, just to see what all the buzz was about. Of course it was fancy and nice and ritzy and all that jazz, but one thing really took me by surprise: the security.
In New York, a “high security” attraction…

Happy celebrating the day some old dudes signed a snappy piece of paper! Meanwhile, here in France were vamping up to celebrate the day the people broke into the royal prison to steal the guns and put a dude’s head on a pike.

Jul 01

Cynical Southerner: Down and Out in Paris

Jun 29

Cynical Southerner: Everyone's a little bit racist ...

An Opportunity to Laugh at My Misery: A Brief Anecdote about Clothes and Censored Behaviors in Paris -


by Elizabeth
The other day, I was trying to find my way to one of the relatively few Protestant churches in Paris. As usual, I was lost, but this particular time I walked away feeling much worse than I usually do.
Before I get into this little tidbit, let me set the scene for you in the Parisian…

Jun 22

Cynical Southerner: Some Unsolicited and Vague Thoughts about Food

Jun 20

Without checking the score I can tell that France is winning its match from the cries rising up from my suburb of Paris through the window. I think the whole country is in front of the T.V.

Jun 14

“As colleges go corporate, strategies for dealing with sexual violence focus on risk management, not justice” — When schools put their brands before assaulted students

John Oliver Goes Off On An Epic, Fact-Checked, Mic-Dropping Rant For 13 Minutes That You Need To See -